Strategic Plan

(Target 2023 - 2027)


Strategic Goals and Action Items

Goal 1: Deliver a clear model and timeline in conjunction with project growth.
Action 1: Develop different fundraising types to reach a broader range of donors; specifically targeting corporate and mid-level donors.
Action 2: Set up the organization for successful grant applications.
Action 3: Recruit and train Regional Medical Advisor for each of the 5 world regions: East Asia-Pacific; Middle East & North Africa; South and Central Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa; Western Hemisphere.
Action 4: Develop an administrative succession plan.
Goal 2: Perform systematic impact assessment of projects.
Action 1: Define internal and external metrics for impact assessment.
Action 2: Create an impact assessment plan for the next two to three years.
Action 3: Conduct impact assessment in at least two regions where the projects are deployed.
Action 4: Implement a formal process to systematically monitor and report impact metrics.
Goal 3: Articulate the specificity of growth within and outside the core product - CMES-Pi platform.
Action 1: Build synergies with regional partners to engage user participation.
Action 2: Identify additional clinics and associated local champions.
Action 3: Develop bilateral relationships and demonstrate strategic value with our partners.
Action 4: Create new applications of Pi-platform for domains such as aged care, pre-/post-partum care, pediatrics, rural farming, veterinary, dentistry, and primary education.
Goal 4: Enhance capabilities of the core product - CMES-Pi platform.
Action 1: Improve user engagement (e.g., more user-driven content filtering and displaying, adding feedback loops, better search, adding video capabilities, etc.)
Action 2: Advance admin panel capabilities (e.g., automatic tagging, increasing speed of content upload, etc.)
Action 3: Add Business Intelligence capabilities to the CMES platform.
Goal 5: Structure and support the research and teaching as aligned with our mission and principles.
Action 1: Formalize the nature of engagement with graduate students in research and teaching to be in line with the UN PRME goals.
Action 2: Enhance the publication and marketing of the research and teaching output/impact.

End of Strategic Plan